Taking a Temporary Assignment

Being on temporary assignment away from your normal work location may affect how you access services under certain Marathon Oil Benefit Plans. Below are important considerations to keep in mind:

If You Need to Change… Then You Need to…

Health coverage

If you’re enrolled in the Health Plan, you may want to search for in-network providers in the vicinity of your Temporary Assignment. To get the highest level of coverage from the Health Plan, care must be obtained from in-network providers. You can find these by going to United Healthcare’s website at www.myUHC.com or calling United Healthcare’s toll-free number (1-866-266-4066).

Covered charges for emergency and urgent medical care received from an out-of-network facility when temporarily away from your area will be covered at the in-network benefit level, provided UnitedHealthcare determines the requirements have been satisfied to receive the in-network benefit level. However, fees for services provided by an out-of-network provider are subject to Reasonable and Customary limits. By choosing an in-network provider for emergency or urgent care, you will receive coverage based on the Plan’s Negotiated Fee Schedule, which will prevent billing of charges over Reasonable and Customary amounts.

Urgent care is treatment for a sudden illness or injury that demands immediate medical attention, but is not life-threatening. Examples include: Sprains/strains, High fever, Vomiting, Minor burns, Ear infections and Urinary tract infections.

Emergency care is treatment required immediately for the sudden unforeseen onset of an illness or accidental bodily injury that could result in permanent disability or endangerment of life if not immediately treated. Examples include: Unconsciousness, Lacerations requiring sutures, Serious burns, Fractures, Automobile accident, Ambulance/EMS/police-initiated visits to an emergency room, Electric shock, Eye injury, Serious breathing difficulties, Poisoning, Inhalation of smoke or noxious fumes.

In the event that you need to fill a prescription while on Temporary Assignment, the prescription must be filled via mail order from Express Scripts, or at a participating Express Scripts network pharmacy. To locate a network pharmacy at your temporary work location, visit Express Scripts website at www.ExpressScripts.com or call them at 1-800-841-3423.


You can see any licensed dentist; however, if you receive care from a CIGNA PPO network dentist, you pay a discounted rate for services. To locate a network provider at your temporary work location, visit Cigna’s website at www.mycigna.com or call them at 1-800-244-6224.


You can see any licensed eye care professional; however, if you receive care from a United Healthcare in-network provider, you receive a higher level of benefits and there are no claim forms to file. To locate a network provider at your temporary work location, visit United Healthcare’s website at www.myUHC.com or call them at 1-888-266-4066.

Where to Go for Assistance

You can contact the Marathon Oil Benefits Department at 1-855-652-3067 or email: AskHR@marathonoil.com.

Where to Find Plan Documents

Go to www.MRObenefits.com and click on the applicable benefit.

No portion of this benefits summary is intended to change the terms of the plans and policies, or the official texts that control them. If there is any inconsistency between this summary and the official texts of the plans and policies, the official texts will prevail.