Thinking About Having a Baby?

Below are some benefits to be aware of and things to remember to do before and after your baby arrives:

Before The Baby Arrives:

  • Maternity Support Program — Available if a member of MOC health plan, for employee moms-to-be and spouse moms-to-be. Sign up by your first trimester and you could receive up to $150 in gift cards when you complete the program. The program provides great information and 24 hour nurse line for questions. 1-888-266-4066.
  • Dental Health during pregnancy – Cigna Dental Plan
  • 30 days prior to the baby’s due date:
    • Contact Matrix Absence Management at 1-888-477-5110 at least 30 days in advance of your leave and request Family Leave with Parental Benefits, if you are eligible.
    • See the Tip Sheet on Parental Benefits and the 2015 Family Leave Plan. (aka Maternity/Paternity time off).

After The Baby Arrives:

Returning To Work:

Contact Matrix Absence Management at 1-888-477-5110 and e-mail Marathon's Absence Management at least 5 days prior to your return to work.

  • Lactation Rooms
    • Female employees returning to work in the Houston Tower have the Mother’s Room (lactation room) available to them. Two private spaces are available. Refrigerator/freezer, microwave, lockers, drying racks, Medela Symphony pumps available. Must bring own equipment to connect to the provided pumps. Contact Heather Loveman at ext. 4214 for more information.
    • Please contact your local human resources consultant when returning to work in a location outside of Houston Tower for available local guidelines.
  • Part-time Employment
    • For information on the Part-Time Employment Policy, please click here. Please note that your manager must approve your request to change to Part-Time Employment.
    • Health, Dental and Vision Benefits: As a part-time employee, if you are retirement-eligible, then you remain eligible for 100% of the Company subsidy amount for regular full-time employees. If you are not retirement-eligible, then your premiums will be 50% of the Company subsidy amount for regular full-time employees.
  • Dependent Care Spending Account
    • If you want to set up your flexible spending account for childcare expenses, you can add this within 31 days after your return to work. Send an email to:

Additional Information:

  • Contact your local building management for possible pregnancy parking availability.
  • For a private information session concerning your specific questions surrounding your leave of absence for the birth of a baby, please contact Heather Loveman at 713-296-4214.
  • Contact Matrix Absence Management 30 days prior to your leave of absence at 1-888-477-5110. Contact Matrix within 5 days after the baby has been born to confirm your leave dates.
  • Contact your health insurance provider prior to your hospital stay and on day of admission.
  • Full details regarding all leave of absence plans can be found at under the Paid Time Off & LOA Section.
  • For health insurance questions concerning your pregnancy and the new baby’s coverage, call 1-855-652-3067, or email to

Deductions from paychecks will cease during unpaid leave. Please make arrangements directly with Fidelity or other vendors for other payments taken directly from your paycheck.

No portion of this benefits summary is intended to change the terms of the plans and policies, or the official texts that control them. If there is any inconsistency between this summary and the official texts of the plans and policies, the official texts will prevail.